How to install the solar power generation system and some problems?

How to install the solar power generation system and some problems?

Solar power system installation

After the solar power generation system is designed and manufactured, it must be transported to the site for installation. During transportation, all parts must be properly packaged. Fragile items such as components should be shipped in wooden boxes to avoid damage. The battery cannot be dumped to prevent electrolyte overflow (except for sealed batteries).

Installation Precautions:

a. It is best to use a compass to determine the position during installation, and it should be noted that there should be no shading lights such as tall buildings or trees throughout the day in front of the phalanx;

b. Carefully check whether the anchor screws and square brackets are strong and reliable. All screw terminals should be tightened, and there should be no looseness;

C. Fire prevention measures should be taken if the square array is installed on the roof. The phalanx installed at high places should be equipped with lightning rods. If necessary, a bird repellent device must be installed;

d. When installing in the sun, be careful not to touch the positive and negative poles of the components (especially the square matrix) at the same time to avoid electric shock. If necessary, they can be covered with opaque materials before wiring or installation;

e. Handle with care when installing the components, and it is strictly forbidden to collide or knock to avoid damage;

f. Pay attention to the polarity of each component-battery, controller, inverter, etc., do not reverse;

g. The battery room should be ventilated, dry, and clean. In winter, the battery should be kept warm.

Several problems in system combination

a. Photosensitive sensor. Solar lights need light-controlled switches. Some designers often use photoresistors to switch the lights automatically. In fact, the solar battery itself is an excellent photosensitive sensor. Using it as a light-sensitive switch has better characteristics than photoresistors. It is not a big problem for solar garden lights, but for a solar LED system that only uses a 1.2V N-iCd battery, the solar cell module is composed of 4 solar cells in series, and the voltage is low, and the voltage under weak light is lower, so that The voltage has been lower than 0.7V before it is dark, causing the light-controlled switch to fail. In this case, as long as adding a transistor to directly couple and amplify, the problem can be solved.

b. The load is controlled according to the voltage of the battery, and the solar lamp can be maintained for a long time in continuous rainy days, which increases the cost of the system. When the battery voltage drops in continuous rainy days, reduce the number of LEDs or reduce the number of solar lights connected, or reduce the light-emitting time of the solar lights every day, which reduces the system cost.

c. Flickering and dimming, gradually brightening and dimming is a good way to save energy. On the one hand, it can increase the illumination effect of the solar LED system. On the other hand, it can control the average output current of the battery by changing the flicker duty cycle to prolong the working time of the system. Under the same conditions, costs can be reduced.

d. The switching speed of the three-color primary color high-efficiency energy-saving lamp. This problem is very important. It even determines the service life of the solar LED system. The three-color primary color high-efficiency energy-saving lamp has a starting current as high as 10-20 times when it is started. When the system is subjected to such a large current, the voltage may drop significantly. , The solar LED system cannot be started or restarted repeatedly until it is damaged.

e. At present, solar batteries cannot be used for main road lighting. The lighting of main roads of highways has statutory illuminance requirements. As far as the current conversion efficiency and price of solar cells are concerned, this requirement cannot be met. However, in the near future, with the improvement of the technical level in all aspects, solar cells will definitely be applied to the lighting of the main roads of highways.

f. Regarding energy storage capacitors. The service life of the solar battery is more than 25 years, and the service life of the ordinary battery is 2 to 3 years, so the battery is the weakest link in the solar power system. Energy storage capacitors can solve this problem to a certain extent. The service life of the energy storage capacitor can reach more than 10 years, and the control circuit is simple, but the expensive price limits its application. At present, it is only applied to some traffic lights and decorative lights. With the improvement of technology and the decline of product prices, it will be the most promising ideal energy storage component for solar cells.

How to install the solar power generation system and some problems?
How to install the solar power generation system and some problems?